A Long Post

Yesterday we left Italy. Such a sad farewell to a country that has treated us amazingly. Got up at 5.20 to catch the morning train to Milan. As we approached Milan Centrale we were able to enjoy one of the most fantastic thunder storms I have ever witnessed. Never seen such huge flashes, it was quite spectacular.

In Milan the rain had put half the station building under water, I guess it doesn't rain that often there. We got on the alpine express to Zurich and ended up sitting together with a Leo Tolstoy look-a-like from Verona. He left us as soon as we crossed the border to Switzerland, though, and for the rest of our journey we were pretty much alone in the cart.

Mia enjoying the trip through the Alps.

The Alps. Oh The Alps. I don't even know what to say, the trip through the mountains was simply one of the most striking experiences I have ever had. The scenery really made my knees buckle. And there was almost four hours worth of continuous display of this mindless crazy picture of perfect during the trip. Oh my.

Mia and I arrived in Zurich where the weather was significantly cooler than what we've gotten used to. We also had no clue about the exchange rates for the Swiss franc, so we took out 200 each and prayed that it would be a fair amount. Went to have lunch at some cafe where there was free WiFi, Switzerland is obviously a good country. We ordered a hamburger each, and as we often did in Italy, also a bottle of wine. Now, in Italy a bottle of wine would cost somewhere in the realms of €8 in a restaurant. Turns out, in Zurich that bottle of wine is €42. Fail.

Nisse and Mia in Zürich.

So we sat there feeling ashamed of having lunch for €60+ when suddenly, out of nowhere, Nisse shows up! Who would have thought!? Nisse had arranged for a hotel for the three of us, so we started walking in the hotel's general direction. I was praying for a decent shower facility because the showers in Genoa were just bull crap. The hotel turned out to be a high standard place, and the shower was truuuuuuuly heaven for a sticky guy like myself.

The... Eh... River in Zürich.

After checking in at the hotel, we picked up some Moskovskaya vodka and some grappa (<-- Nisse's fault) and had a relaxing chat in our room. Mia felt tired so she stayed behind when Nisse and I went out for a quick fondue dinner. As we were heading home, we decided to stop at a bar to have some local beer. Our waitress served us a coaster each on which she put a glass of Falken, a quite sweet lager which was actually pretty good. Now, when I am served beer on a coaster I tend to study the coaster seeing as I am interested in beer in general. So I picked up my Falken coaster, read it and turned it around. On the other side, there was a name and a phone number scribbled. I thought it looked like it was printed on there, so I checked Nisse's coaster. No number. I then realised that, for the first time ever, a waitress had actually flirted with me. Man, I'm telling you that this mustache I'm growing is really doing the trick.

Susie Q!

After the beer we went back to Mia and had some more vodka before calling it a night. Sleeping in the cool mountain air was truly bliss. We got up and down to the train station to find out when the next train east was departing. There was a train leaving within ten minutes, so we figured better sooner than later and jumped on board. We're sitting in the restaurant cart right now, and we plan to spend the entire 6 hour journey here. I'm looking out over Lichtenstein and pondering ordering today's first beer. Oh, life.

-- Nik


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