Today everyone but Mia and I went to the ECOOP conference (which is the reason why everyone is here). As Mia and I are here on vacation and nothing else, we didn't go with the rest of the gang but instead prepared for our departure tomorrow. We ordered Nisse to book a nice hotel for us in Zürich for tomorrow, as we're meeting him there. We also managed to book some train tickets and it seems that we're now all set to start our journey-in-journey tomorrow morning.

We also got some shopping done at H&M (...) and had a beer. And now we're relaxing in the apartment before going to the Internet point to post these posts and pics. Enjoy!

Duff beer.

Johan watching the Moto GP and supposedly being very Italian about it.

Next time you hear from us, we will be in Austria. So long!

-- Nik

Kindly submitted by Cc

Pedrosa vann och vår italienare kom som alla vet tvåa. Så nära som det såg ut var han inte, Pedrosa hade (tyvärr) koll på läget. Tufft kört av sönderslagen Lorenzo.

2009-07-10 @ 11:00:25

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